Tera-Tones.com Make your own ringtones, now closed.

Thanks to everyone who made this site happen.

We're sorry to those who love this application and use it frequently, but unfortunately the cost of running this site, and the cost of development is preventing us from keeping this site up and running anymore.

This started as a pet project for Tera Technologies and we were able to learn a lot about mobile development, MP3 encoding, Flash AS2 and many other things over the past 3 years. As such, Tera-Tones.com has served its purpose well for us, but unfortunately, maintenance on the site was impossible due to our personal schedules, changes within the company and other projects demanding so much of our time.

We have this domain for sale, but please do not ask us to relinquish any of our user's information. We do value everyone's privacy.

Thanks again for everyone's contribution and use of the site.


Tera Technologies

November 2009

This domain is for sale! Please Contact Tera Technologies for details.